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Enrichware Systems is an information technology company focused on line-of-business mobile and web solutions. We are a team of dedicated, highly skilled software professionals with an experience in providing world class enterprise solutions on various business domains. We offer a variety of services in the area of Mobile and Web application development to address your business needs.
Some of the Mobile Solutions from Our Portfolio (iPhone & Android)
Chatter Bug
Client: Chatter Bug
Technologies: iphone SDK, Xcode, Java webservice
ChatterBug is a location based service system that allows consumers to send/receive services and advertising based on their geographic location.It has an user interfaces for both Web and mobile Users.This application uses Native photo and Video recording solution along with GPS.It also integrates Google maps

Client: Bodhtree
Technologies: iphone SDK, Xcode, ASP.NET Webservice
 Bodhtree’s Mobile Logistics Solution App for Logistics companies help tracking service requests and tasks.The App integrates to the Map API to provide route maps and also mark pick up and drop off locations.The business objective of the app is to provide needed transparency to the logistics managers and enable efficient transport operation by clear task assignment with location based guidance

CoPower / LISI – Insurance Benefit Management
Client: CoPower / LISI – Insurance Benefit Management
Technologies: iphone SDK, Xcode, ASP.NET Webservice
This project turns paper works of Insurance companies in to paperless office. Has integrated PDF generator and viewer. Ability to capture handwriting directly on iPad screen and integrate in documents. Send email directly from the application

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